Loyalty points - earn on every purchase!

This program came into force on 01.02.2021

What are loyalty points and how can they be obtained?

For orders placed on our site you will receive loyalty points.
Points will be awarded by calculating 3% of the total value of the order and become active within 14 days of sending the order.
Example: for an order of 100 Euro you will receive 300 loyalty points of 0.01 Euro each. 300 points = 3 Euro

How can I see how many points I have accumulated?

The value of your orders is added to your account and turned into loyalty points, which you can later use to pay for new orders.
New points have a waiting period of 14 days until they become available for use, and only if they come from an order successfully delivered to the destination.
You can check your available loyalty points and their status in your account at the section My Rewards.

How can I use the loyalty points?

When you place a new order on our website, you will find in the Shopping cart the indications necessary to transform the available points into a voucher as well as the voucher codes already generated.
By applying the points in the form of a voucher, the discount will be automatically shown to the total payment of your order.
Loyalty points cannot be used to pay shipping rates.

General conditions

Loyalty points can only be obtain for orders placed online on the elemental.eu website
Elemental partners who have a business account do not benefit from this loyalty program.
It is possible that when purchasing products in promotions or in the form of special packages, given that they already benefit from price reductions, no loyalty points will be allocated.
Loyalty points are also awarded for orders for which other points are used.
When canceling an order for which loyalty points have been used, they will be returned to the account or canceled, as appropriate.
If you cancel an order, the points you were to receive based on it will also be canceled.
Loyalty points cannot be turned into money.
Loyalty points, generally, cannot be combined with other discounts and vouchers.
Vouchers obtained by converting loyalty points are valid for 90 days from generation.
Loyalty points cannot be transferred from one customer account to another.
Loyalty points can not be awarded retroactively.
Any attempt of fraud of the loyalty program will result in the cancellation of all rewards.
We reserve the right to change the rules and the manner in which loyalty points are awarded and used, without prior notice.

Updated: 31.01.2021