Elemental's range of products is based on elements of nature:

Earth - oils, clays, plant powders, minerals, waxes, butters
Water -
floral waters, hydrolates, surfactants, aqueous extracts
Air/Aether -
essential oils, aromatic extracts, fragrances
Fire -
active ingredients, supercritical extracts
Time -
preservatives, antioxidants

We have made up our product offer and services based on our core belief that mankind and nature are in a symbiotic relationship that has mutual benefits and must not be altered through controversial interventions.
Our environment, although outside us, has within us not only its image, but also its physical and subtle energies and processes. When these principles begin to disintegrate, humanity itself is endangered.

How apt then are the words of an ancient oriental wisdom: Live closer to nature, my friends, and its eternal laws will protect you!

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In our portfolio you will find mainly pure and organic cosmetic ingredients, well known raw materials and extracts, but also innovative plant compounds, a growing range selected from the perspective of maintain the nature of the beauty.

Our activity is conducted at each step in accordance with national regulations, EU legislation and directives regarding cosmetic products, public health and environmental protection.
We have chosen one of the most widely recognized organic certification, Ecocert/COSMOS standard. Ecocert France monitors our entire chain of organic cosmetic products from the procurement of raw materials to the bottling, packing process, storage, dispatching and the delivery.
Our products are systematicly analyzed in our Quality Control lab in parallel with verification of documents upon reception, ensuring the traceability and conformity before validation.

One of our main priorities is to make information accessible and understandable. Elemental assists its customers in the use of natural cosmetic products.
We are constantly searching for natural ”green” alternatives to conventional cosmetic ingredients, products that show the same or at least similar efficacy.

We strongly believe that we can be a source of inspiration for you, for one who wants to have a more balanced life, closer to nature, a beautiful life.

Here at Elemental, we know your nature!