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    With a unique profile and a pleasant, cushiony texture, this highly prized oil derived form an Amazon Rainforest tree, is recognized for its ability to nourishes hair and scalp, traditionally used to strengthen the hair follicles, to treat sun and age spots. Abundantly rich in carotenoids, sterols and tocopherols, has a dry touch.
  • 7,20 € In Stock
    Packed with nourishing elements, this Amazon rainforest oil offers fantastic benefits to any personal care regimen, enriches haircare treatments, decrease frizziness, helps define the perfect curls. It’s a powerful moisturizer and conditioner, soothes and relieves damaged, problem skin.
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    Exotic butter from Amazon rainforest, a great source of myristic and lauric acid, a restorative, deep conditioning agent for the hair, it contributes to the healthy development of cells, maintaining healthy skin and hair. Interesting addition to shampoo bars and specialty soaps.
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    A highly versatile product widely used in personal care and for soap making, our palm oil is sustainably sourced, ecological and RSPO-SG certified.
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    Hand-crafted by women cooperatives in the north of Ghana from locally harvested raw materials: shea butter, coconut oil, palm kernel oil and cocoa pod potash. All-natural traditional soap, suitable for most skin types, for general use on the face and body, is ideal for those with oily or acneic skin types.
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    An amino acid with many benefits, arginine is very versatile and has multiple applications. It supports the proper functioning of the skin barrier, is antistatic and hair conditioner. It is also used to alkalize acidic ingredients or compositions.
Showing 231 - 236 of 236 items