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For health food stores, organic products stores, online shops, retailers, soap makers, cosmetics manufacturers, professionals in the field of wellness, spa, massage and cosmetic treatments, we provide conditions for B2B cooperation.

Wide range of cosmetic products and ingredients including specialties
Our own well-known brand - Mayam
Stable company with specific activity for over 13 years
Ecocert France organic certification
Prompt delivery from stock
Technical documentation
Support and counseling
Feed for online stores
Comfortable discount
Campaigns on a regular basis

If you are interested in resell or working with our products, we are at your disposal:

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0040 770 459 921

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B2B Partnership


Business Partnership

For pharmacies, herbal shops, organic shops, online shops, resellers, artisan soap makers, cosmetics manufacturers, wellness, spa, massage and beauty professionals, we provide B2B collaboration conditions.

If you are interested in having in your portfolio, or working with our products, we are at your disposal:

What we offer


Since 2011 we have chosen one of the most recognised organic certifications, the Ecocert and COSMOS standard. 

Ecocert France monitors the entire chain of organic cosmetic products in our portfolio, from the procurement of raw materials to the bottling, packaging, storage, shipping and delivery process.

Since 2021 some of our products are food grade and Ecological Agriculture certified.

Quality, safety, traceability, packaging, storage and labelling of products, compliance with hygiene rules, management records, internal and commercial documents as well as all internal practices are monitored and checked against environmental principles.

  • Wide range of established and specialty cosmetic products and ingredients
  • Own well-known brand - Mayam
  • Stable company with more than 13 years of specific activity
  • Ecocert organic certification France
  • ANSVSA certified warehouse
  • Prompt delivery from our stock
  • Comfortable discount
  • Technical documentation
  • Support and advice
  • Feeds for online shops
  • Regular campaigns