Nettle & Maca anti hair loss shampoo

Nettle & Maca anti hair loss shampoo

Formula: 1104126

Phase Ingredients for ~250 ml % Quantity
A gentle washing base 45 113 gr
A Coco-glucoside and Glyceryl oleate 5 12,5 gr
A Cocamidopropyl betaine, powder 5 12,5 gr
B nettle macerate 37,8 94,5 gr
B lactic acid 0,4 1 gr
B honeyquat 3 7,5 gr
B maca extract 2 5 gr
C grapefruit essential oil 1 2,5 gr
C cosgard 0,8 2 gr

Sanitize the dedicated containers and utensils you will work with, details in the general safety guidelines.

Prepare the nettle maceration for phase B, one day before the preparation of the shampoo:
In a clean bottle/jar with a lid, add 25 gr nettle powder and 200 gr flat mineral water, mix well and put the lid on.
The composition is left to soak in a cool place, protected from light (it can also be put in the fridge) and mixed occasionally.
The next day it is filtered with a reusable filter or a thick gauze. The macerate thus obtained is used immediately.

Macerate filtration can take up to 20 minutes or even longer. To speed up the process, you can mix the macerate in the filter from time to time. If a gauze is used for filtration, it is placed in 3-4 layers in a larger funnel and the funnel is placed in a glass of suitable size.

Preparing the shampoo :
While the macerate is filtered, prepare phase A.
In a glass, mix the ingredients of phase A well: first the gentle washing base with the Coco-glucoside and Glyceryl oleate, then add the Cocamidopropyl betaine powder and mix slowly, thoroughly. A whitish, viscous and uneven paste will be obtained.

Over the filtered nettle macerate, add the rest of the ingredients from phase B, in the given order, with mixing after each addition.
Phase B is transferred gradually (in 3-4 servings) over phase A, stirring slowly and well after each serving.

Add the ingredients of phase C, mixing slowly and thoroughly after each.
The shampoo thus prepared is transferred to the dedicated container. The foam will recede and the shampoo will clear up the next day.
It is a shampoo with a good viscosity and foaming power and a pleasant scent. pH: ~ 5.5

The result is a complex shampoo, rich in active ingredients that strengthen the hair, fight hair loss and dandruff, tone the scalp, balance sebum secretion and stimulate hair growth. Shampoo the hair as usual, massage the scalp gently and rinse. On the second shampooing, keep it on the hair for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly. The shampoo can be used regularly or as a treatment for at least 3 months, possibly in parallel with other specific products (serum, conditioner, mask).


Nettle macerate put in the reusable filter:


The filtration process takes approximately 20 minutes or even more:


This is what the shampoo looks like immediately after preparation, it has a slightly increased volume and is frothy:


This is what the shampoo looks like the day after preparation:


  • Difficulty: beginner/advanced/experienced
  • Utensils: precision scale, a big glass, bottle/jar with lid, filter, teaspoon/spatula
  • Recommended container: Globe or Cristal bottle, 250 ml with pump dispenser or disc-top cap
  • Shelf-life: 2 months - prepared in optimal conditions of hygiene, kept in a cool place

This formula was developed by Elemental's qualified staff. The recipes are intended to exemplify the use of products marketed by Elemental and are believed to be accurate, however, Elemental assumes no liability or risk associated with the use of its products for the preparation and evaluation of the recipe as the conditions of preparation and use are beyond its control. The Elemental customer must ensure that the reproduction of the formulation does not infringe any intellectual property rights and that it complies with the specific rules and regulations in force. The person who prepares the recipe must refer to the safety data sheets to ensure the safe handling of all raw materials and bears full responsibility for ensuring the safe and correct use and storage of all materials procured and used. Assessments of the safety, stability, regulatory compliance and suitability of this recipe, methods and the finished product are the sole responsibility of the user and/or the legal entity placing the product on the market. Elemental is not liable for any damages resulting from the use of this information, and assumes no responsibility for misuse of selected materials, formula or method, in whole or in part.

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