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We present you two alternatives of a hygiene solution recipe that can be used to prepare wet wipes. Both formulas can be used both for wipes and as a rinsing-free hygiene solution.

Formula: 52204

Simple alternative - sensitive
Phase Ingredients for ~ 50 wipes (375 ml) % Quantity
A gentle washing base 2,5 9,4 gr
A calendula oil 3 11,2 gr
A bisabolol 0,3 1,1 gr
B flat mineral water 92,7 347,6 gr
B panthenol 0,5 1,9 gr
B grapefruit seed extract 1 3,8 gr

Sanitize the dedicated containers and utensils you will work with, details in the general safety guidelines.

Prepare the napkins by ripping them from the roll and folding them in two, piece by piece, or folding them in four depending on the shape of the box you have available. The napkins folded and stacked on top of each other will be placed in the dedicated box.

Preparation method:
In a glass or bowl, of at least 400 ml, add the ingredients of phase A and mix very well. Then add the ingredients of phase B one by one and mix thoroughly, avoiding excessive foaming.

The obtained solution is poured slowly and evenly over the napkins so as to be distributed over their entire surface; Soon all the wipes will soak. Being a biphasic solution, the ingredients tend to separate in a short time, so mix well the composition just before pouring on the napkins. pH:~ 7

Wet wipes prepared this way can be used like the usual ones on the market, but, depending on the type of paper, they can rip more easily. Keep the box closed to prevent the wipes from drying out.
This solution can be stored in a bottle, and can be used practically by soaking a napkin before application. Shake the bottle before use.

Options and explanations:

  • choose wipes that are as resistant to breakage as possible
  • the storage box may be a plastic casserole such as those intended for food use, one of a size of approximately 22 x 12 cm or 12 x 12 cm, with a lid that closes tightly
  • we included the preservative in a higher percentage than usual, given that regular napkins are not sterile
  • instead of flat water, the use of an herbal infusion is not indicated because it is sensitive to microbial development
  • instead of calendula oil you can use another vegetable oil, for example: almond, apricot kernel, olive, aloe vera or macadamia oil
  • bisabolol is an ingredient with a repairing and soothing effect on skin, healing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory; may be omitted from the recipe, as panthenol has similar effects in this formula and in addition has a moisturizing effect
  • instead of the gentle washing base, we cannot recommend another surfactant for this formula


For those who want a complex formula, with many beneficial properties for the skin, can similarly prepare the recipe below.



Formula: 52206

Complex alternative
Phase Ingredients % For 50 wipes For a 100 ml bottle
A almond oil 3 11,2 gr 3 gr
A lavender essential oil 0,1 11 drops 3 drops
A tea tree essential oil 0,1 11 drops 3 drops
B gentle washing base 2,5 9,4 gr 2,5 gr
B chamomile water 13 48,8 gr 13 gr
B aloe vera gel 10 37,5 gr 10 gr
B sodium PCA 3 11,2 gr 3 gr
B allantoin 0,5 1,9 gr 0,5 gr
B flat mineral water 66,8 250,5 gr 66,8 gr
B grapefruit seed extract 1 3,75 gr 1 gr

The preparation method is similar to the simple alternative: first mix the ingredients of phase A, and over them add the ingredients of phase B, one at a time, in the order given by the recipe.  

pH: ~ 6.5

Options in addition to those explained above, to this recipe alternative:

  • cornflower, melissa, lime or lavender water can be used instead of chamomile water
  • instead of almond oil you can use another vegetable oil (macadamia, apricot kernel, aloe vera, sesame ...)
  • instead of aloe vera gel you can also work with aloe vera powder, approximately 0.3%, by appropriately supplementing the percentage of flat water
  • if desired, the essential oils can be omitted from the recipe or others can be used, chosen according to preferences and its properties


  • Difficulty: beginner/advanced/experienced
  • Utensils: precision scale, a big bowl/glass, spoon/spatula
  • Shelf-life: 1 month - prepared in optimal conditions of hygiene, kept in a cool place


This formula was developed by Elemental's qualified staff. The recipes are intended to exemplify the use of products marketed by Elemental and are believed to be accurate, however, Elemental assumes no liability or risk associated with the use of its products for the preparation and evaluation of the recipe as the conditions of preparation and use are beyond its control. The Elemental customer must ensure that the reproduction of the formulation does not infringe any intellectual property rights and that it complies with the specific rules and regulations in force. The person who prepares the recipe must refer to the safety data sheets to ensure the safe handling of all raw materials and bears full responsibility for ensuring the safe and correct use and storage of all materials procured and used. Assessments of the safety, stability, regulatory compliance and suitability of this recipe, methods and the finished product are the sole responsibility of the user and/or the legal entity placing the product on the market. Elemental is not liable for any damages resulting from the use of this information, and assumes no responsibility for misuse of selected materials, formula or method, in whole or in part.

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