Skin care during PREGNANCY

Skin care during PREGNANCY

Essential oils in pregnancy

Essential oils, although natural, present risks that must be known before use. Certain essential oils can be used externally during pregnancy, with caution and moderation, starting with the second trimester, preferably under medical advice.

Essential oils contraindicated throughout pregnancy:

anise, angelica, cajeput, camphor, cedarwood atlas, cedarwood himalaya, cypress, thyme, yarrow, clove leaf, eucalyptus globulus, juniper, hyssop, mountain pine, lavender stoechas, peppermint, nard, oregano, parsley, palmarosa, camphor rosemary, verbenone, rosemary, sage, cinnamon, tarragon, thuja

Essential oils that can be used with caution in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy:

rhododendron, bergamot, basil, cardamom, cedarwood virginia, rockrose, laurel, eucalyptus lemon, fragonia, geranium, ginger, helichrysum, lavender angustifolia, lavender spicata, lemon, lime, lemongrass, mandarin, german chamomile, roman chamomile, niaouli, orange, petitgrain, pine, ravintsara, myrrh, tea tree, rose, ylang-ylang

Skin and hair care during pregnancy:

Skin care

  • skin cleansing is important, use a gel or cleanser based on mild, unscented or finely scented surfactants with aromatic extracts (apricot, coconut)
  • for skin care, vegetable oils, floral waters and cosmetic active ingredients are chosen depending on the skin type and its needs
  • during pregnancy the skin can become sensitive, so prepare simple compositions using: calendula oil, almond oil, squalan, chamomile water, cornflower water, melissa water, allantoin, bisabolol
  • the skin can become oily during this period and can be cared for with compositions based on: jojoba oil, kukui oil, lavender or rosemary water, tea tree or fragonia essential oil, marine-z; masks with green clay
  • skin can be affected by blemishes, in this regard you can use: white lily oil, vitamin C, carrot essential oil
  • one month before the expected date of birth, the perineum can be prepared by daily massage with almond oil or macadamia oil

Heavy legs, circulatory problems

  • during pregnancy, water retention, poor circulation, lower limb pain usually occur; these problems can be alleviated by daily walks, avoiding standing for a long time, higher positioning of the legs at night
  • these symptoms can also be alleviated by massage, which can be performed with simple compositions based on: sesame oil, macadamia oil, cedarwood virginia essential oil, lime essential oil, or with more complex preparations that include: red wine extract and witch hazel water

To prevent the formation of stretch marks

  • stretch marks are very common during pregnancy, attention should be paid to nourishing the skin, maintaining hydration and skin elasticity
  • you can prepare simple compositions based on: rosa mosqueta oil, wheat germ oil, shea butter, avocado oil, vitamin E, or you can formulate biphasic preparations that in the aqueous part contain moisturizing agents such as glycerin, mallow extract or sodium PCA

Hair care

  • hair maintenance and nourishment can be done with cosmetic compositions based on coconut oil, jojoba oil, murumuru butter or coco-silicone, with specific active ingredients such as: vege-keratin, panthenol, collagen
  • for preparing conditioners or masks you can use honeyquat, condisoft, varisoft, neutral henna, amla powder
  • hair can be dyed with henna (lawsonia inermis) or henna vegetable powders (black henna, brown henna, blond henna, madder powder)

Relaxation by aromatherapy during pregnancy

  • in the form of a massage on the back and lower limbs, with appropriate essential oils, diluted in vegetable oil (sesame, rice bran or macadamia); 0.5-2% essential oils can be used such as: orange, lavender, mandarin, chamomile, neroli
  • one or more essential oils, according to odor preferences, can be combined for distribution in rooms; atmospheric diffusion is recommended for short periods of time (5-10 minutes), 2-3 times a day

Skin care after birth:

  • to improve skin tone you can use simple compositions based on oils: daisy oil, rosa mosqueta oil, evening primrose essential oil
  • for stretch marks and skin nourishing you can use rosa mosqueta oil, evening primrose oil, sea buckthorn oil, centella asiatica oil, argan oil, blackcurrant oil


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