Many women and men have a real problem with skin sensitivity, often complaining of discomfort manifested by redness, burning sensation, tingling, itching, flaking, inflammation. Common causes would be: contact with irritating substances, application of inappropriate or too aggressive cosmetics, repeated exfoliation, stress, fatigue and last but not least hereditary factors. Each skin type has a particular sensitivity. Each person suffers from various aggressive factors every day, however, the skin reacts differently. Both dry and oily skin can be sensitive, so care requires special attention. The daily routine should be the right one for your skin type (dry, normal, mixed or oily) but adapted so that it is the gentlest. When we talk about sensitive skin we mean both reactive skin and fragile or allergic skin.

Sensitive skin types:

  • Reactive skin that can be irritated or attacked by inappropriate environmental or cosmetic conditions is manifested by a weakened epidermis with a feeling of stretching, tingling, redness and itching.
  • Fragile skin, which is usually hereditary, can also be caused by pathological factors such as various diseases, medications or disorders of the circulatory system, but is considered normal in babies and the elderly.
  • Allergic skin has multiple triggers both hereditary and resulting from lifestyle such as: food, medication, pollutants with repetitive action. It can react to mites, pollen, various oilseeds and even other natural foods, stress. Allergy is a response of the immune system, a manifestation that can be justified or can be a wrong autoimmune manifestation. A temporary or short-term allergy may occur, but dermatoses, eczema, psoriasis may also develop.


Sensitive skin care daily routine


Follow the routine care and hygiene appropriate to your skin type: dry, mixed or oily. Emphasis is placed on the use of ingredients that prevent or relieve irritation, soothe the skin. During the day, a moisturizer is used with a formula as simple as possible that also contains protective ingredients. Especially during summer, sunscreens/lotions should be used.


  • floral waters: linden, chamomile, neroli, melissa
  • vegetable oils: evening primrose, calendula, almond, raspberry, kukui
  • essential oils: roman chamomile, moroccan chamomile, yarrow
  • active ingredients and other ingredients: allantoin, bisabolol, mallow extract, lanolin, aloe vera powder or gel, coconut powder, royal jelly powder



  • intensive cleaning, application of stripping or abrasive cleansers. Some skins also have problems with tap water, in which case spring water is used
  • perfumes and essential oils in general, except for those with calming properties
  • aggressive exfoliation or applied too often
  • application of alcohol as an ingredient in toners, lotions and so on
  • exposure of the skin to extreme weather conditions




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