Body wrap for suppleness

Body wrap for suppleness

Formula: 2023

Phase Ingredients for one application Quantity
A beige clay 45 gr
A spirulina powder 10 gr
A Bladderwrack Fucus powder 25 gr
B flat mineral water ~ 140 gr
C grapefruit essential oil 4 gr
C black pepper essential oil 1 gr (~ 33 drops)

Preparation method:
Transfer the powders to a large bowl and mix slowly, thoroughly.

Over the powder mix add the amount of water specified in the recipe and let it be absorbed by the powders, without mixing, so you can get a paste without too many lumps.

Start mixing, add the essential oils from phase C, mix well, and if the paste is too soft or too hard, it can be adjusted with a little clay or water as appropriate. The density of the powders can slightly vary depending on the batch. The paste must be soft enough to be easily spread on the skin, strong enough to not be runny.

The composition thus prepared is freshly applied on the affected areas (abdomen, thighs) with a spatula. The skin will be covered with plastic wrap and in about 30 minutes it will be rinsed with lukewarm water. 
Body wrapping can be done once or twice a week for 4-6 weeks in an intensive or occasional treatment, according to preference.
Note: not indicated during pregnancy and lactation; the skin will not be exposed to the sun on the day of application.

Options and explanations:

  • a part of the water used can be replaced with red wine extract, approximately 10 ml, to increase peripheral microcirculation
  • caffeine can also be included in the formula; dissolve 2 g in the water from the recipe (hot), then leave to cool before mixing with the powders
  • cedarwood virginia essential oil can be used instead of black pepper essential oil
  • we have included in the formula a relatively small amount of black pepper essential oil, in order to avoid possible skin irritation; you can also work with a larger amount, depending on the tolerance of the skin
  • despite the fact that the recipe contains ingredients with a more unpleasant odor (spirulina, fucus), the composition at the end has a pleasant smell, thanks to the essential oils



  • Difficulty: beginner/advanced/experienced
  • Utensils: precision scale, a glass or ceramic bowl, spatula
  • Shelf-life: apply fresh, immediately after preparation

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