Nag Champa candle


Phase Ingredients for ~ 100 ml Quantity
A Soy wax 90 gr
B Nag Champa fragrance 10 ml
B Pearlescent cosmetic pigment 89 brown 3 knife edge

Sanitise the dedicated container and all utensils you work with.

First and foremost:

Prepare the container for the candle, the corresponding wick and a piece of aluminium foil cut into a square shape, slightly wider than the size of the wick. From the wick cut a piece of suitable length: the inside height of the container + approx. 1 cm.

Preparing the wick:

If you are not working with a pre-waxed wick, follow the instructions below. In a heat-resistant beaker add the wax and melt it on a water bath, stirring slowly. Place the wick in the melted wax for about 1 minute, then remove it (with tweezers or scissors) and place it on the piece of aluminium foil in the middle, horizontally, as straight as possible. Fold the foil in half, covering the wick and place in the freezer for a few minutes. Insert the waxed wick into the metal staple on the bottom side and pass through the hole on the other side.

Melting and colouring:

Add the pigment to the melted wax and mix well. Remove from heat source. Spoon a portion of the melted wax into the base of the container and quickly place the capped side of the wick on top. The capped wick must remain stable in the container before the candle is poured.


Into the melted wax - which preferably has a temperature between 60-68°C - add the perfumery and mix well, quickly.


The composition is poured into the dedicated container and left on a flat surface until solidified.

Tip: to prevent the wick from moving from the middle position of the container, a straw cut lengthwise can be used.

The candle can be used 48 hours after preparation


  • Difficultybeginner/advanced/experienced
  • Toolsprecision scale, heat-resistant glass, teaspoon, optional: thermometer
  • Recommended container120 ml Ambra glass jar
  • Valability: 12 months

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  • Cecilia Ten Berge 03/14/2022 Reply

    I've made the candle and I love the smell of nag Champa very much!
    But it was a bit of disappointing when I burnt it today because I didn't"t smell it.
    10 ml is quit a lot of fragrance and to put more in 1 candle is a waist I think.
    However the soy wax is fantastic to work with!!!
    kind regards,Cecilia

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