Layered Soap, Lavender & Lilac

Layered Soap, Lavender & Lilac

Formula: 29633

Phase Ingredients for a 70 gr mold Quantity
A melt & pour soap base, white 25 gr
A lavender flowers 1/2 teaspoon
A natural cosmetic fragrance oil Lilac 25 pic
A pink 10 oxide, cosmetic pigment 0,1 gr (a knife tip)
B melt & pour soap base, clear 50 gr
B lavender essential oil 40 pic
B lavender flowers 1/3 teaspoon

Clean the worktop, mold and all utensils you work with, details in the general safety guidelines.

In two separate Berzelius beakers, the clear and white soap bases are prepared.

First layer:
Melt the clear soap base in a water bath and add the lavender essential oil, then remove the composition from the water bath. Sprinkle lavender flowers in the mold.
Pour about half of the melted soap into the mold. The beaker is set aside.

Second layer:
Melt the diced white soap base in a water bath. Add approximately half a teaspoon of lavender flowers and the fragrance oil, mix thoroughly and remove from the water bath.
Meanwhile, the first layer has hardened in the mold. Pour half of the second layer over the first layer.
Put the beaker back in the water bath.

Third layer:
In the remaining soap from the second layer, add the pigment (possibly dispersed earlier in a teaspoon of water), mix well, and if the second layer has hardened a little in the meantime, you can pour the third layer over it.

Fourth layer:
The remaining half of the first layer is placed in the water bath until it melts again. Pour over the third layer.

Leave the soap mold on a flat surface. After approximately 4 hours the soap is removed from the mold and left to dry until the next day, in an environment as dry as possible. After 24 hours, the soap can be used.

If the environment in which the soap is stored has medium or high humidity, "dew" may appear on its surface and a gelatinous layer may form. This is a natural phenomenon that occurs in all melt & pour type natural soaps.
To avoid this phenomenon, it is advisable to wrap the soap in a foil or store it in a hermetically sealed container.
When preparing a recipe, after removing the soap from the form/mold, it is stored in a dry place, but if it will not be used in soon, it will be wrapped in plastic foil.


  • Difficulty: beginner/advanced/experienced
  • Utensils: precision scale, 2 heat-resistant Berzelius beakers, teaspoons/spatulas
  • Mold: soap mold, Flowers

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