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New recipe suggestions

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  • Patricia T 06/20/2022 Reply

    1. A moisturizing toner with a lot of ferments (synergy with other ingerdients) , anti aging and soothing for mix skin
    2. A cream with retinal aldehyde 0.05%
  • Patricia T 04/30/2022 Reply

    1. Une gomme cire coiffante invisible cheveux pour les hommes
    2. Un masque silicone carraghenes très hydratant pour yeux + conservation des patchs au frigo ou congélateur
  • Helle Orav 04/12/2022 Reply

    More face cream recipes for atopic skin
  • Lestari 03/13/2022 Reply

    1. Lotion bar recipes without beeswax.

    2. Cuticle balm recipe using the lip balm container.

    3. How to sanitize containers properly before use.


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