Spirulina & Pineapple detox mask

Spirulina & Pineapple detox mask

Formula: FTB145

Phase Ingredients for one application Quantity
A green clay 6 gr
A spirulina powder 1 gr
A pineapple powder 1 gr
B flat mineral water ~10 gr

Preparation method:
In a bowl mix the powders from phase A. In another bowl add the water from phase B.
Sprinkle the phase A powder over phase B, and allow the powder to absorb the liquid without mixing. This procedure is recommended to avoid the formation of lumps and to obtain a homogeneous texture.
Stir until a soft, even paste is obtained. 
Note: depending on the batch, the density of the clay and powders may vary slightly, and if at the end of the preparation the mask is too fluid or too compact, it will be supplemented with a little clay or water, as appropriate.

The mask is ready and should be used immediately after preparation. Apply on clean skin with a brush, avoiding the eye area and lips. It is left to act for approximately 10 minutes.
With a sponge soaked in lukewarm water, moisten the mask on the skin to make rinsing easier. Rinse with plenty of water, dry your face with a soft towel, then, if desired, apply a toner and moisturizer.

The mask is suitable for any skin type, especially for normal skin and up to oily skin.
For dry skin, some water (1-2 gr) can be replaced with a vegetable oil - for example laurel oil, tamanu or black cumin seed oil, but also with any other vegetable oil chosen depending on preferences and its properties.
It may include a drop of essential oil, such as petitgrain or niaouli, which are suitable for this mask.
Tulsi powder can be used instead of pineapple powder.
Aloe vera gel, fresh fruit juice or floral water (peppermint, witch hazel) can be used instead of plain water.


  • Difficulty: beginner/advanced/experienced
  • Utensils: precision scale, 2 bowls, teaspoon/spatula, application brush
  • Shelf-life: apply fresh

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