Formula: IN12895

Phase Ingredients for ~100 ml Quantity
A flat mineral water 150 ml (150 gr)
A lemon a half
B acacia gum 3 gr (3 x TAD + 2 DASH)
C vege-collagen 2 ml (2 gr)
C optional: fragrance oil/essential oil 10 drops
C cosgard 30 drops

Sanitize the dedicated containers and utensils you will work with, details in the general safety guidelines.

Preparation method:
Wash a ripe lemon and cut half of it into cubes (with the peel). 150 ml of water and the lemon pieces are added to a graduated kettle. Boil on low heat for about 10 minutes until some of the water evaporates and the composition reaches the level of 150 ml (watch the gradation of the kettle).

Remove the kettle from the heat and leave to cool for a few minutes. With the help of a tea strainer with a sieve as thick as possible, the composition is filtered. You can also use 3 layers of gauze to make the filtrate as clear as possible.

Acacia gum is sprinkled over the filtrate thus obtained, stirring vigorously. If the solution has cooled too much, the pot with the lemon solution and acacia gum can be heated a little to facilitate the dissolution of the gum.

The composition is strained again through a triple layer of gauze, which will retain the foam and any debris. After cooling, add the collagen, the fragrance/essential oil (if you choose to perfume) and the preservative, mixing well after each one.

The solution is transferred to the dedicated container. Shake the bottle before each application.

The result is a hairspray that can be applied to both dry and still wet hair before styling/drying. It has medium fixing power, gives a little volume, the hair will get a nice shine.

It does not make the hair feel heavy, and it does not contain alcohol, therefore it does not dry the hair. It dries relatively quickly and it is not too sticky. Without the added fragrance/essential oil, the solution has a lemon scent.

Options and explanations:

  • for extra hydration, 2 ml of panthenol can be added to the formula, after the collagen
  • as a perfume you can use any natural cosmetic fragrance oil from the Elemental offer, suitable essential oils would be: ylang-ylang, cedarwood atlas, lavender ...
  • for those with dry hair, a part of the lemon can be replaced with orange
  • to obtain a stronger fixation solution, use more lemon (a smaller whole lemon) plus 200 ml of water, which will boil for a longer time, the composition should decrease to the level of about 175 ml in the kettle
  • we do not recommend replacing the preservative with another; without a preservative, the solution can be used for a week and should be stored in the refrigerator


  • Difficulty: beginner/advanced/experienced
  • Utensils: precision scale or graduated cylinder + set of stainless steel dosing teaspoons, kettle with gradations, tea strainer, gauze
  • Recommended container: Cristal bottle, 100 ml with spray pump
  • Shelf-life: 2 months - prepared in optimal conditions of hygiene, kept in a cool place

This formula was developed by Elemental's qualified staff. The recipes are intended to exemplify the use of products marketed by Elemental and are believed to be accurate, however, Elemental assumes no liability or risk associated with the use of its products for the preparation and evaluation of the recipe as the conditions of preparation and use are beyond its control. The Elemental customer must ensure that the reproduction of the formulation does not infringe any intellectual property rights and that it complies with the specific rules and regulations in force. The person who prepares the recipe must refer to the safety data sheets to ensure the safe handling of all raw materials and bears full responsibility for ensuring the safe and correct use and storage of all materials procured and used. Assessments of the safety, stability, regulatory compliance and suitability of this recipe, methods and the finished product are the sole responsibility of the user and/or the legal entity placing the product on the market. Elemental is not liable for any damages resulting from the use of this information, and assumes no responsibility for misuse of selected materials, formula or method, in whole or in part.

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