Shea butter purified Organic, Ecocert / Cosmos


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Versatile and well suited for a wide range of cosmetic applications, it is an excellent emollient, promotes healthy skin and hair, protects from external aggressions.

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Versatile and well suited for a wide range of cosmetic applications, it is an excellent emollient, promotes healthy skin and hair, protects from external aggressions.

Production: pressed from the kernels and purified without harsh chemicals
It is a semi-soft, white butter with very mild odour.

INCI: butyrospermum parkii butter*
* 100% of ingredients are from organic farming. Natural and organic cosmetic certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the Ecocert/Cosmos standard

Uses, applications
Is a highly versatile and nourishing butter, it can be used in a number of hair care, skin care, lip care as well as in suncare applications. Dry hair, dehydrated skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, baby products, soaps, after sun, hand care.
Recommended dose: up to 100%

Storage: in a cool, dry place, protected from light

Data sheet
Benefits antiallergic
Benefits antiinflammatory
Benefits soothing
Benefits nourishing
Benefits protective
Benefits regenerative
Directions eczema, atopic skin
Directions psoriasis, scaly skin
Directions stretch marks
Applications bust
Applications lips
Applications hair all types
Applications nails
Applications sensitive skin
Applications soaps


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I ordered 3pcs. This is my 3rd order for this butter. The first batch s was ok, texture and smell, the second batch was sugary, and now has a rancid, spoiled smell. I am disappointed.


A super nutritious butter

Shea butter is harder to absorb into the skin, but it visibly improves the texture of the skin and keeps it moisturized (it becomes like a barrier). I personally like to apply it as it is or in combination with other oils on my body and face. I recently applied it around my eyes, where I have a few fine wrinkles and it blurred them. As a mention, I have combination skin and although I apply it on my face as well I haven`t noticed it to be comedogenic.


Very good!

I have been using this shea butter for at least two years. I use it primarily as a lip balm - because my lips tend to dry out and I skin them without realizing it sometimes. It works better than any product on the market, and is far superior to them both in effect and composition; I apply it thickly to my lips in the evening and in the morning I feel they are moisturised. In winter I also use it as a hand cream, and my mother, who has very dry skin, applies it directly to her face, in the eye area.



I got together with my sister-silion cristina she makes orders for both of us- a bucket.because I make hair masks in combination with many other oils for both of us, body lotions, bar lotion more recently and in soaps! I think the best is refined and will try that one too! ff good.

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Shea butter purified Organic, Ecocert / Cosmos

Shea butter purified Organic, Ecocert / Cosmos

Versatile and well suited for a wide range of cosmetic applications, it is an excellent emollient, promotes healthy skin and hair, protects from external aggressions.

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