Benefits anti-aging
Benefits skin tonic
Benefits anti-wrinkle
Directions wrinkles, fine lines
Directions stretch marks
Applications bust
Applications eye contour
Applications loose skin
Applications mature skin
Applications skin all types
Collection Clean Beauty


Acmella extract


New product

Targets cell communication to reorganize and retighten the dermal architecture. Has a natural lifting and smoothing effect, visibly reducing deep wrinkles and firming the skin.

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Brand: MAYAM

Product Details

A concentrated firming and wrinkle smoothing active ingredient. Targets cell communication to reorganize and retighten the dermal architecture. Has a natural lifting and smoothing effect, visibly reducing deep wrinkles and firming the skin.

Is a concentrated oily extract from the upper part of the Spilanthes acmella plant.

Organoleptic properties: clear liquid, slightly yellowish, odourless

INCI: caprylic/capric triglyceride, spilanthes acmella flower extract


  • helps to fade out all wrinkles and reduces the most obvious sign of aging
  • reorganizes collagen fibers and visibly smoothes the skin
  • stimulating action on cellular dynamism
  • helps to restructure the dermis architecture

Applications, usage

  • anti-aging lines, facial contouring formulations
  • eye contour and lips applications
  • make-up, re-plumping lipsticks and lifting foundations
  • body firming care, body sculpting, anti-stretch mark treatments
  • recommended use level 2%
  • in emulsions can be added to the final phase or in the fat phase

Storage: in a cool, dry place, protected from light

Cautions: do not ingest, keep away from children's reach; cosmetic use


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