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Rice powder, micronized


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A very fine powder appreciated for its cosmetic qualities, it is a good carrier for powdery cosmetic compositions, with a masking, velvety, absorbent and mattifying effect.

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Brand: MAYAM

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Rice powder - description, recommendations

Rice powder has been used by geishas for whitening and mattifying the skin but also for masking skin imperfections. Micronized rice powder is a very fine powder made from hulled whole grain rice, which differs from food-grade rice flour that is only ground, has a larger grain size and is abrasive to the skin.

Micronized rice powder is used as such, as a base or as a cosmetic ingredient, valued for its ability to improve the texture of compositions, as a sebum and moisture absorbing agent and as a mattifying agent.

Composition: non-gmo native brown rice, mechanically milled and micronized

Ingredients (INCI): oryza sativa rice starch
Approved for organic, organic cosmetics.

Properties of rice powder

  • mulsifying and absorbent
  • texturizing and thickening agent for cosmetic compositions
  • base for powdery make-up compositions, for loose or compact powders
  • gives the complexion a smooth, silky, velvety appearance
  • insoluble in water and oils, it can disperse in dry, aqueous or oily media

Mode of use in cosmetics

  • is a product that can be applied to the skin as such, especially useful for combination/oily or blemished skin
  • as a base for face powders and perfuming body powders
  • as an ingredient for the preparation of creams, foundations, loose or pressed blushes, blushes
  • may also be included in the formula of deodorants
  • as a base or as an ingredient for the preparation of dry shampoos, particularly suitable for oily hair and scalp
  • for the preparation of powders instead of talc
  • Indicative dosage: in creams, balms, lotions, foundations 1-20%, in powders, blushes, blushes, dry shampoos or deodorants 5-95%

Storage method
: store in a cool, dry place

Safety data, precautions for use: do not inhale, do not use near a source of ventilation; cosmetic use


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