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Known for its soothing and cooling properties, toning and tightening skin, relieves itchy, puffy or tired eyes, helps with bruising.

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Cornflower water - description

Known for its soothing and cooling properties, toning and tightening skin, relieves itchy, puffy or tired eyes, helps with bruising.

Floral waters - hydrosols/hydrolates - contains the water-soluble aromatic compounds present within the distilled botanical source, imparting both their natural perfume and their beneficial properties into cosmetic formulations. They may smell quite different and distinct when comparing them to the essential oil of the same plant.
They are gentle enough to be used directly on the skin and can be used on children.

Mayam Floral waters do not contain added alcohol or preservatives.

INCI: centaurea cyanus flower water*
* 100% of ingredients are from organic farming. Natural and organic cosmetic certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the Ecocert/Cosmos standard

Applications, usage

  • can be used as it is, as skin toner, facial cleanser, aftershave, spray for freshening up the skin also as compresses
  • can be used to replace, or partially replace, water in various skin care formulations: toners, cleansers, lotions, creams, emulsions, shampoos, gels

Storage: in a cool, dry place, protected from light, recommended in refrigerator

Cautions: cosmetic use

Data sheet
Benefits antiinflammatory
Benefits soothing
Directions dark circles
Applications eye contour
Applications sensitive skin
Applications mature skin
Applications dull skin


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I used it as toner. It`s good if you want to replace the classic toner with something natural.



For my oily skin, this floral water has even better effects than the rosemary water I originally bought. It mattifies and imparts some brightness. Also, although it`s not stated in the product insert, it has a sweet, honeyed aroma.


Blueberry water

Blueberry water is not one of my must-have products, but it was ok for what I used it for.


It is the best water

It is the best floral water for oily, problem skin. All our customers use it with pleasure


The perfect natural product for the eyes

I use blueberry water as a toner after cleansing. I spray all over my face in the evening before bed. The effect is clearly seen after a few days of use: the eyes look more rested and the skin around them healthier. I`m glad I discovered this product because I`ve had dark circles since I was very young and didn`t know what to do to make them fade.


Pretty good product

The product soothes, relaxes the eye area - the effect is more felt than seen....


blue water

I bought a month ago blue water. I used it a few times for cleansing, but I felt my skin tightening, it seemed to say "it bothers me". Then I combined it with a few drops of rose water. That didn`t work either. I also tried mixing a few drops in the palm of my hand with one of my favourite face creams... and my stubbornness paid off: negative. I got pimples and blackheads like I didn`t even have 20 years ago.
I`ll keep the blue water strictly for applying to my eyes when I have dark circles or tired eyes. That`s it. And not before I give it a thin cream or a little oil. It`s too astringent for my skin - and I really wasn`t expecting it, this is the first time I`ve come across something so unsuitable for me.



Hi, I`ve been using blueberry water for a while now and it`s very good, I`ve given up any previous makeup remover, it`s calming, refreshing, I recommend keeping it cold and using it in the evening before bed, it`s guaranteed to work!

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Cornflower water Organic, Ecocert

Cornflower water Organic, Ecocert

Known for its soothing and cooling properties, toning and tightening skin, relieves itchy, puffy or tired eyes, helps with bruising.

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