Benefits moisturizing
Benefits protective
Directions eczema, atopic skin
Directions wrinkles, fine lines
Applications bust
Applications eye contour
Applications makeup
Applications sensitive skin
Applications mature skin
Applications dry skin
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Hyaluronic acid, pure, HMW


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Regarded as an ideal natural moisturizer factor, is widely used in cosmetics being suitable for different skins. HMW type has functions like slow release, good recovering and lubricity effect, forms a dense protective and breathable layer on the surface of the skin.

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Brand: MAYAM

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Hyaluronic acid HMW - description

Sodium Hyaluornate is regarded as an ideal natural moisturizer factor and widely used in cosmetics, being suitable for different skins, climates and environments. HMW type has functions like slow release, good recovering effect, good lubricity effect, forms a dense protective and breathable layer on the surface of the skin.

Tests shows that sodium hyaluronate - also known as hyaluronic acid, has the highest moisture absorption at low relative humidity while the lowest at high relative humidity comparing to commonly used humectants like glycerin, sodium PCA, sorbitol etc.

HMW type sodium hyaluronate is high molecular weight.
Molecular weight range: 1.0 mDa ~ 1.6 mDa

INCI: sodium hyaluronate

Organoleptic properties: white odorless powder


  • highly effective humectant, slow release
  • provides long-lasting moisturization
  • forms a dense protective and breathable layer on the surface of the skin
  • has film-forming and lubricating properties
  • can prevent skin moisture evaporation
  • reduces flaking and restoring suppleness
  • can maintain relative adequate moisture of the skin and hair
  • meets the requirements of the skin in different seasons and various environmental humidity
  • can reduce roughness of skin surface for a tender skin
  • enhances the appearance of dry or damaged skin
  • can reduce the damage of skin by external environment
  • nourish the skin
  • can promote regeneration of injured skin
  • can improve skin texture, long-term use can make skin more tight and elastic
  • strengthen the skin barrier function
  • maintains the luster and softness of the skin
  • provides tender, supple and smooth skin
  • good lubricity effect
  • delivers outstanding tactile experience
  • thickening, gelling and emulsion stabilization effect

Applications, usage

  • it is recommended for making a wide range of cosmetic products
  • as ingredient for cosmetic formulations like creams, serums, lotions, make-up products, emulsions, gels, daily skin care
  • recommended dosage: 0.1 - 1%
  • water soluble, can be dissolved in water directly
  • add at the most 40°C, in emulsions add to the cool down phase
  • avoid simultaneous use with cationic preservatives and surfactants
  • hyaluronic acids with different molecular weights can be used simultaneously in the same cosmetic formulation for synergistic effects

in a cool, dry place, protected from light

Cautions: do not ingest, keep away from children's reach; cosmetic use


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