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Glycerin vegetable, 99.5


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Well known humectant in cosmetics and personal care products. Is versatile and widely used.

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Brand: MAYAM

Product Details

Well known humectant in cosmetics and personal care products. Is versatile and widely used.

Organoleptic properties: clear liquid, colourless, high viscosity; min 99.5% purity

INCI: glycerin


  • from vegetable source
  • humecant, thickener, lubricant, solvent
  • skin conditioning, skin protectant
  • hair conditioning agent, oral care agent
  • good solvent for vegetable extracts

Applications, usage

  • skin care, hair care, toiletries, decorative cosmetics, soaps, toothpastes
  • miscible in water and alcohol; may be added in small ammount in solid anhydrous preparations
  • glycerites, hydroglycerin extracts
  • typical use level 1-5% in emulsions, toners, serums, fluids
  • typical use level 2-10% in surfactant based formulations
  • add to the water phase of formulations

Storage: in a cool, dry place, protected from light

Cautions: do not ingest, keep away from children's reach; cosmetic use


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