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A natural humectant, moisturizer and protecting active ingredient for skin and hair care. It helps to improve performance and enhance experience, provides moisturization, protection, as well as a range of sensory benefits.

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Brand: MAYAM

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Betaine - description

Betaine, an aminoacid derivative, is a natural humectant/moisturizer and protecting active ingredient. Used in skin, hair and color cosmetic applications, it helps to improve performance and enhance experience, provides moisturization, protection, as well as a range of sensory benefits. 

It functions as an organic osmolyte, it attracts water but does not immobilize it.
Betaine can partially or totally replace glycerin without losing moisturizing efficacy while adding benefits. High concentrations of betaine do not have an irritating effect and used at high levels in O/W emulsions does not have a destabilizing effect while increase in thickness does not decrease spreadability.

Ingredients: Betaine

Appearance: white powder


  • highly purified anhydrous betaine, low molecular weight
  • humectant/moisturizer (NMF component)
  • reduces TEWL
  • water binding properties
  • no residual sticky effect
  • maintains skin moisture balance
  • provides smoother, softer skin feel
  • strengthens skin barrier
  • anti-irritant
  • imparts anti-static and conditioning properties in hair care
  • increases water retention capacity of hair fibers
  • improves hair shine and soft feel
  • strengthens the hair
  • makes more dense, homogeneous, luxurious and richer foam in formulations with surfactants
  • improves the water-binding capacity of emulsions
  • mild toward sensitive skins

Application, usage

  • very hydrophilic, readily soluble in water; soluble in ethanol, glycerine
  • easy to use
  • in preparations betaine forms a colorless solution
  • can be worked with either by cold or hot process, but it is recommended to be added at the end of the formulation process
  • due to its water binding properties and ionic charges, it interacts with surfactants in formulations; behaves as a cationic compound in acidic conditions, but is neutral at pH ranges between 5-7
  • has neutralizing and buffering properties toward acidic compounds
  • adding betaine to solutions containing surfactants, it can improve foam volume and stability and reduce irritation caused by surfactants. It also helps increase the water retention capabilities even at low concentrations (1-4%), acting as a humectant with no residual sticky effect. At 5% betaine, it has been observed to make foam more dense and homogeneous, but also provides a thinner foam structure
  • addition of betaine at 1-1.5% in W/O emulsions can replace Mg sulfate and NaCl in stabilization
  • applications in skin care: cleansers, micellar solutions, emulsions, serums, creams, body lotions, shaving foams, aftershaves, eye care lotions and gels, hand sanitizers, shower gels, scrubs, wet wipes
  • applications in hair care, both leave-on and rise-off formulations: shampoos, masks, conditioners, styling gels, treatments, foaming creams and gels
  • general recommended dosage: 1-5%
  • dosage 1-4% in O/W emulsions
  • dosage 1-1,5% in W/O emulsions

Cautions: do not ingest, do not inhale, cosmetic use

Store in a cool place, protected from light and humidity; close tight the container, it is very sensitive against humidity


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