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All natural liquid emulsifier, acts as oil thickening agent and cold process emulsifier. Enables to make oily gels that instantly turn to milk on contact with water. Can also be used to make lotions by adding into the oily gel a water phase.

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Brand: MAYAM

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Alfa Emulsifier - description

All natural liquid emulsifier, acts as oil thickening agent and cold process emulsifier. Enables to make oily gels that instantly turn to milk on contact with water. Can also be used to make lotions by adding into the oily gel a water phase.

Holds oils in place in a stable micro-emulsion and when water is added the mix changes into a cream or a light lotion, giving countless possibilities for formulators.

INCI: Glycerin, Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, Aqua, Sucrose Laurate

Also known as: Gelisucre, Sucragel CF


  • easy to use liquid, colourless and odorless
  • biodegradable, preservative free
  • self-emulsifying blend based on a sugar ester
  • moisturising properties, mild and safe to the skin
  • 100% natural, COSMOS approved
  • primarily used to thicken an oil into a gel
  • it can gel vegetable oils and butters, esters and silicones, may form crystal clear gels
  • can form from gel-to-milk cleansers to sprayable emulsions
  • can also be used to make milks, lotions and creams by adding an oil phase followed by a water phase

Applications, usage

  • cleansers, make-up removers, bath-oils, masks, scrubs, massage gels, creams and lotions, hair care, sun care, baby products
  • recommended usage rate: 20-25% to create an oily gel (lipo-gel)
  • 5-10% as a cold process emulsifier in o/w emulsions
  • to be used at room temperature or at temperatures to 80ºC
  • stable in the pH range between 4.0 - 8.0

Making an oily gel

Generally use 1:4 ratio of Alfa emulsifier to oil phase (vegetable oils, melted butters, esters, silicones, liposoluble active ingredients).
The more oil is added into the emulsifier the more viscous is the oily gel in the end.The use of glycerine will help to decrease the viscosity if needed.
The oily gels can tolerate a reasonable amount of electrolytes, valuable in formulation of salt scrubs.
Measure the oil phase and the emulsifier in two separate containers. Start mixing the emulsifier, after that using a pipette add a couple of drops of the oil phase and stir in - mayonnaise like process. Continue adding the oil phase a couple of drops at a time and continue stirring. The mixture will soon become more gel like. As the gel thickens, can start to add the oil in larger quantities, but do not add more until the oil has fully integrated. After all the oil phase is added, results a stable oily gel.

Making an emulsion

Use Alfa emulsifier at 5-10% in the oil phase, depending on the oil phase level being emulsified. Examples of percentages of emulsifier in the oil phase of an emulsion:
20% oils + 6% emulsifier, 25% oils + 8% emulsifier, 30% oils + 10% emulsifier
Prepare first the oil phase - oily gel - as described above. Add slowly the water phase with stir. Often is needed a water thickener in the water phase to provide viscosity, usually xanthan gum. Add essential oil or fragrance and a proper preservative.

Cautions: cosmetic use

Store in a cool, dry place, protected from light.


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