Benefits of handmade cosmetics

Benefits of handmade cosmetics

A certified organic cosmetic product does not mean that it is 100% natural or 100% organic. Authorized certification bodies accepts certain synthetic ingredients and the product may contain only 15% organic ingredients.
Handmade cosmetics can be 100% natural and 100% organic.

The fact that a cosmetic product is certified organic does not guarantee its effectiveness. Certification bodies do not verify this. A lotion may have a poor formulation, a toner may be irritating, a shampoo may be too weak, an exfoliant may have an inappropriate pH.
Handmade cosmetics can be formulated appropriately with ingredients for skin and hair needs.

A certified organic cosmetic product often has expensive packaging with glossy bottle, beautiful label and decorative box, but the content may be cheap: simple and refined oils, plenty of water, glycerine, waxex, low percentage of precious ingredients.
Handmade cosmetics can have rich content of precious ingredients and may be free of filler ingredients.

A number of organic creams, serums and lotions contain a lot of ingredients which may suggest that the product is very precious and efficient. Those who are not familiar with the formulation of cosmetics, do not know that most of the ingredients that appear on the list after the preservative (or after perfume, citric acid, bisabolol, tocopherol or other ingredients that dosage is around or less than 1%) may be not effective at that concentration, but looks good on the label.
Handmade cosmetics can include appropriate concentration of active ingredients.

Handmade cosmetics can be truly natural, you know exactly what they contain and in what proportions. The concentration of active substances and the effectiveness of the preparation are under control. Customizing is perhaps the most important benefit you get when you make your own cosmetic products.

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