Discounts & Sales

Permanently available discounts

The prices displayed on our website are the lowest prices we can offer for each product at the indicated volume or quantity. You benefit from two types of discount, depending on the products ordered, and these are cumulative discounts. For example, if you order 50 pcs. of a product, then you get a price that's already lower compared to the unit price, and if the value of the order exceeds a certain threshold then you also get a discount per total value.



Discount based on quantity 

We offer this type of discount to some products that can be ordered in large amounts or multiples, the lower prices are displayed on each product to which this discount applies. This discount type is cumulative with the discount based on the order value.


Discount based on order value

Automatically get a discount of 3 to 7% depending on the total value of the ordered products. The thresholds are given by the currency in which the order is made. The discount amount is calculated and is displayed in the shopping cart as follows:


PercentsCurrency RONCurrency HUFCurrency EUR
3% for ordered products totaling over 250 Lei 17.500 Ft € 65.5
5% for ordered products totaling over 1000 Lei 70.000 Ft € 265
7% for ordered products totaling over 2500 Lei 175.000 Ft € 655


Other ways of saving 

Elemental is a wholesaler of cosmetic raw materials and associated products. All prices listed on the site are the best possible prices, structured to meet the expectations and needs of each type of customer. By purchasing in higher volume and/or quantity, you get better prices per product unit but also significant cuts.
Visit the Sales & Clearance site section where you can occasionally find low-priced products.
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Sales, clearance?

In addition to the discounts obtained automatically by quantity and order value, you can also find price cuts or special offers depending on the season, events or stock status in our warehouse.
These special offers are not cumulative with permanent discounts, and are within the available stock limit.