Shampoo for color treated hair

Shampoo for color treated hair

Formula: 41429

Phase Ingredients for ~250 ml % Quantity
A gentle washing base 40 100 gr
A Coco-glucoside and Glyceryl oleate 5 12,5 gr
A Decyl glucoside 5 12,5 gr
B flat mineral water 31,1 77,8 gr
B AHA fruit acids 3 7,5 gr
B lactic acid 2 5 gr
B emulsifier Condisoft  4 10 gr
C acerola powder 3 7,5 gr
C panthenol 1 2,5 gr
C vege-keratin 3 7,5 gr
C silk protein 2 5 gr
C lemongrass essential oil 0,3 23 drops
C cosgard 0,6 1,5 gr

Sanitize the dedicated containers and utensils you will work with, details in the general safety guidelines.

Preparation method:
Add the gentle washing base and the Coco-glucoside and Glyceryl oleate to a glass and mix well. Then add the Decyl glucoside and mix slowly, thoroughly. 
In a heat-resistant glass, phase B is prepared: mix the water with the fruit acids and lactic acid, then add the Condisoft emulsifier. Place the glass in a water bath and heat until the emulsifier is completely melted, stirring in the meantime. Remove the beaker from the water bath and allow the solution to cool to body temperature.

Combine the two phases: over the phase A surfactants, add the phase B solution, gradually, in 4-5 steps. Mix slowly and well.
Phase C ingredients are added, stirring after each addition.
The shampoo thus prepared is transferred to the dedicated bottle. The foam will recede the next day. pH: 4,5-5
The color of the shampoo will darken over time, which does not affect its qualities.

The result is a complex shampoo formulated with ingredients that help intensify and maintain the shine of hair, strengthens the hair fiber, contains moisturizing and conditioning substances. It is generally suitable for any hair type.


  • Difficulty: beginner/advanced/experienced
  • Utensils: precision scale, 2 Berzelius beakers, teaspoons
  • Recommended container: Optima bottle with disc-top cap
  • Shelf-life: 3 months - prepared in optimal conditions of hygiene, kept in a cool place
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