Mouthwash with propolis, peppermint, cloves

Mouthwash with propolis, peppermint, cloves

Formula: 803121

Phase Ingredients for ~ 100 ml % Quantity
A solubilizer for essential oils 1.2 1.2 gr
A peppermint essential oil 0.4 14 drops
A clove leaf essential oil 0.1-0.2 3-6 drops
A propolis extract 0.7 ~30 drops
B flat mineral water 75.5 75.5 gr
B melissa or linden water 20 20 gr
B Softdermo complex (Dermosoft) 3 3 gr

Sanitize the dedicated containers and utensils you will work with, details in the general safety guidelines.

Preparation method:
Add the solubilizer and the essential oils to a glass with a base as narrow as possible, but with sufficient volume. Mix well with a teaspoon. Then add the propolis extract.

Add the flat water and the floral water and mix well. Finally add the preservative and mix again. The solution is transferred to the dedicated bottle, sealed and left to synergize until the next day.

The result is a strong mouthwash with antibacterial and antiseptic properties, without alcohol. Refreshes the oral cavity, soothes inflamed gums, is refreshing and ensures a fresh breath.
It is used like any other mouthwash. Shake the bottle before use!

The quantity of essential oils in the recipe can be reduced for those who do not like the strong aroma: peppermint 10 drops, clove leaf 1-2 drops. Some, or all of the peppermint essential oil can be replaced with sage, myrrh or tea tree essential oil (3-4 drops).


  • Difficulty: beginner/advanced/experienced
  • Utensils: precision scale, a glass, teaspoon
  • Recommended container: Amber bottle, 100 ml
  • Shelf-life: 2 months - prepared in optimal conditions of hygiene, kept in a cool place 
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