Antimicrobial solution for hands

Antimicrobial solution for hands

Formula: FM10651

Phase Ingredients for ~50 ml % Quantity
A solubilizer 6 3 gr
A sage essential oil 0,3 5 drops
A ravintsara essential oil 2,7 45 drops
B 96° grain alcohol 25 12,5 gr
B flat mineral water 62 31 gr
B glycerin, vegetable 4 2 gr

Sanitize the dedicated containers and utensils you will work with, details in the general safety guidelines.

Transfer the solubilizer to a beaker over which the essential oils are added and mix thoroughly.

Transfer the alcohol to another glass, add the water and mix, then add the glycerin.

Combine the two phases: phase B is gradually added to the composition of phase A and mixed well. The resulting solution is transferred to the dedicated container.
Shake the bottle before application!

A solution based on essential oils with antimicrobial and purifying properties, suitable for hand disinfection. No rinsing required. It is used for additional hygiene of the hands or when washing them is not possible: on trips, on public transport, after various activities.

For people with epilepsy, those who suffer from cancer, for pregnant women and children under 6 years, sage essential oil - which is contraindicated in all these cases, can be replaced with lavender or fragonia essential oil.

96° alcohol can be purchased from grocery stores, from the spirits section.


  • Difficulty: beginner/advanced/experienced
  • Utensils: precision scale, two glasses, teaspoons
  • Recipient: Amber bottle, 50 ml with sprayer pump or Optima bottle with spray pump
  • Shelf-life: 6 months - prepared in optimal conditions of hygiene, kept in a cool place