Normal skin is soft and velvety to the touch, the color is slightly pink, the pores are slightly highlighted, it has a silky sheen, the pH is within normal limits. It is well irrigated, the metabolism of water and fats works well in this type of skin which is quite rare among adults. This type of skin also tolerates daily aggressions well. It is easy to care for as it does not require special maintenance and is usually not reactive.


Normal skin care routine



Even if you do not wear makeup, the skin should be cleaned. In fact, the term make-up removal covers in common parlance the cleansing of the face, not just the removal of the make-up. It is an essential step in any skin care routine. It is recommended to cleanse the skin in the evening to remove dirt from the environment, pollution, makeup and release the skin of secretions, dead cells, excess sebum and in the morning to release the skin of sebum and secreted toxins.


  • remove makeup with an oily, a biphasic cleanser or even with a vegetable oil, especially if the makeup contains lipstick and water-resistant mascara. A cleansing milk (fluid emulsion) can also be used. After cleansing, a micellar water can be used to remove traces
  • the skin is cleaned with a mild cleanser (gel), after which the skin is rinsed and wiped by dabbing with a towel
  • optional: after cleansing, apply a tonic that can be a floral water (rose, neroli, lime) or a tonic solution/lotion


SKINCARE - daily

Normal skin care focuses on maintaining the hydrolipidic balance, maintaining the proper functioning of the protective barrier, maintaining the cellular functions. In the morning, apply a day cream or a moisturizing lotion, moderately emollient, with a light texture that also contains antioxidants. In the evening, apply a night cream for vitaminization and regeneration. Depending on the current condition of the skin, the cream will include different active ingredients. The night cream can actually be a mix of vegetable oils + vitamins and fat-soluble active ingredients. Those who feel discomfort can remove the unabsorbed excess from the skin by dabbing with a towel, after 15 minutes.


  • it is easy to formulate a cream suitable for normal skin
  • some recommended ingredients : hyaluronic acid, panthenol, vitamins E, B, C, mallow extract, vege-collagen, coenzyme Q10
  • vegetable oils that can be used are: apricot kernel oil, argan, almond, rosa mosqueta, grape seed, borage, evening primrose, avocado, sesame
  • essential oils are chosen according to preferences but also according to their properties



EXFOLIATION - weekly or weekly or bimonthly

Exfoliation can be performed mechanically or by chemical action. Deep cleansing helps remove dead cells, refines the texture of the skin, rids the skin of impurities, smoothes the surface of the skin. Mechanical exfoliation is recommended once a week. Exfoliation by chemical action can be done once a week or even daily; it depends on the condition of the skin and the concentration of the exfoliating ingredient. The exfoliating solution can be applied in the evening or in the morning. If applied in the morning, it should be 10-15 minutes before applying the day cream. It is not usually rinsed, but the gel exfoliants will be rinsed 10-15 minutes after application for skin comfort.


  • mechanical exfoliation is performed with a composition of cream (oily or not oily) or gel type, which contains vegetable fibers, granules or various seeds chosen according to skin tolerance: ground seeds, strawberry seeds, hibiscus flower exfoliant, jojoba pearls
  • chemical exfoliation is done with the help of BHA acids which are applied in the form of a gel, lotion or aqueous solution. The concentration of acids will be determined according to skin tolerance, following the indications in the product sheet or in the recipe



MASKS - weekly or bimonthly

Normal skin receives all kinds of nourishing, vitaminizing, regenerating masks. Simpler or more complex masks can be prepared freshly. The mask is applied on well-cleansed and dry skin and left for approximately 10 minutes (before feeling discomfort or tightening) then remove with lukewarm water and wipe the face with a cotton pad.


  • before applying a mask, a facial sauna can be helpful, for the duration of 5-10 minutes, with 1-3 drops of essential oil in hot water or with infusion of medicinal plants, floral waters
  • the ingredients for normal skin masks are varied: clays, fresh (not very acidic) crushed fruit, vegetable puree, honey, floral waters, vegetable oils, active seaweed (fucus, spirulina) and antioxidant extracts, vitamins and so on



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