Chili & Pepper solution

Chili & Pepper solution

This spicy solution formulated with unpleasant sensory ingredients is an effective repellent for various unwanted animals such as rabbits, rodents, squirrels, and whiteflies.


Chili CO2 extract 10 drops
Black pepper essential oil 5 drops
Liquid Catile soap base, neutral 5 gr (1,5 teaspoons)
Lukewarm water 250 ml


When preparing this recipe, work with gloves and a protective mask throughout the procedure and during the treatment!

Add the soap base, essential oil and CO2 extract to the dedicated bottle and mix well. Add water and mix thoroughly.
The solution thus prepared is left to rest overnight and will be used starting with the following day.

Recommended container: 250 ml Optima or Globe bottle with trigger pump


Stir the solution thoroughly before use. It develops its effect due to its capsaicin content and as a result drives away unwanted animals (deer, hares) and rodents (mice, squirrels) from the plantation. It is also an effective solution against whiteflies.

The treatment is recommended to be repeated every ten days.

Warning: Avoid contact of the solution with eyes, nose, and with skin (especially in case of sensitive skin).

Due to the minimum amount of soap used to incorporate the oily ingredients, the formula is biphasic, the ingredients separate over time. It is recommended to use the solution the day after preparation. In case of a surplus left after use, the solution can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days. 

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