Formula: CP108

For details regarding the terms used and the preparation, but also for your safety, please read the COLD SOAP MANUFACTURING GUIDE first.

Note: 5% superfat

Ingredients for 310 gr of soap (6 pieces)

Coconut oil RBD

Cocoa butter

Castor oil

Almond oil

Sodium hydroxide

Distilled water

Orange essential oil

Cinnamon essential oil

Turmeric powder


60 gr

30 gr

40 gr

70 gr

28 gr

76 gr

5 gr

1 gr

2 gr

Preparation method

Before you start preparing the soap, prepare all the utensils and equipment on the work table, to be at hand.
Weigh the necessary ingredients for the recipe.

Preheat the vegetable oils and butter in a water bath to approximately 50-60°C, stirring occasionally with a spatula.
In a heat-resistant glass (Berzelius beaker) prepare the lye by adding the hydroxide little by little over the water. Stir until the solution becomes transparent. Leave to cool to a temperature of about 50°C.
Add the turmeric powder to the heated oils and mix until dispersed, then slowly add the sodium hydroxide solution (lye).

Start mixing with a blender until the emulsion forms. The essential oils are added at the end by mixing.
Pour the composition into the chosen mold.
Spray the surface of the soap with alcohol, to prevent the formation of sodium carbonate.
Leave the soap to rest for 2 days in a safe place, during which time it will harden. It is then removed from the mold.
Place the soap in a well-ventilated area, on shelves or in boxes covered with paper towels (but not completely sealed, to allow air circulation). Curing lasts at least 4 weeks from the date of production, during which time the soap is not used because it is still reactive.

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