Cocoa, tonka and coconut soap

Cocoa, tonka and coconut soap

Formula: 16448

Phase Ingredients for a 120 gr mold % Quantity
A melt & pour soap base, white 45,08 54 gr
A cocoa butter 2,08 2,5 gr
A coconut flakes  1,66 2 gr
A aromatic coconut extract 1,66 60 pic (2 gr)
B melt & pour soap base, clear 48,33 58 gr
B cocoa powder 0,83 1 gr
B tonka absolute 0,41 0,5 gr

Clean the worktop, mold and all utensils you work with, details in the general safety guidelines.

Preparation method:
In two separate Berzelius beakers, the two layers are prepared. 

First layer:

Add the white soap base, cut into cubes of about 1 cm, and the cocoa butter into a Berzelius beaker and melt in a water bath. Add the coconut flakes and the aromatic coconut extract to the melted liquid, stir the composition thoroughly and remove from the water bath. Pour into a rectangular shape so as to fill the mold halfway. Allow to cool and solidify.

Second layer: 

After the first layer has hardened, melt the transparent soap base (cut into cubes) in a water bath. Mix slowly, deeply, in such a way as to avoid aeration of the mixture. With a small ladle, remove the film formed during melting from time to time. After liquefaction, add the cocoa powder and the tonka absolute, mix well until the composition is homogeneous and remove from the water bath. For maximum results when pouring into the mold, the finished mixture will be passed through a sieve.

The soap obtained is left to harden in the mold for four hours. Carefully remove from the mold and leave to dry for 24 hours. Store in a dry, cool place, away from humidity.

If the environment in which the soap is stored has medium or high humidity, "dew" may appear on its surface and a gelatinous layer may form. This is a natural phenomenon that occurs in all melt & pour type natural soaps.
To avoid this phenomenon, it is advisable to wrap the soap in a foil or store it in a hermetically sealed container.
When preparing a recipe, after removing the soap from the form/mold, it is stored in a dry place, but if it will not be used in soon, it will be wrapped in plastic foil.

A soap with exotic aromas, especially due to the charming smell of tonka beans. The contrast of colors of the two distinct layers and the ingredients used, are reminiscent of hot chocolate, amaretto and spicy Aztec cocoa.


  • Difficulty: beginner/advanced/experienced
  • Utensils: precision scale, cup or heat-resistant glass, tablespoon/spatula
  • Recommended mold: soap mold, Rectangular
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