Ylang-ylang & Vanilla candle

Formula: 33140

Phase Ingredients for ~ 30 ml Quantity
A soy wax 26,5 gr
A gold 49 mica, cosmetic pigment 0,02 gr (1 x DROP spoon)
A yellow 09 oxide, cosmetic pigment 0,03 gr (1 x DROP spoon)
B ylang-ylang essential oil 1,5 gr
B natural cosmetic fragrance oil Vanilla Flowers 1,8 gr

Sanitize the dedicated containers and utensils you will work with, details in the general safety guidelines.

Before preparation:
Prepare the container for the candle, the corresponding wick and a piece of aluminum foil cut into a square shape, with a width slightly larger than the size of the wick. A piece of suitable length is cut from the wick: the inner height of the container + approximately 1 cm. Prepare the exact amount of pigment in a small bowl or cap and in another small bowl/glass the mixture of phase B ingredients.

Wick preparation:
Add the wax to a heat-resistant glass and melt in a water bath, stirring slowly. Put the wick in the melted wax for about 1 minute, then remove it (with tweezers or scissors) and place it on the piece of aluminum foil, in the middle, horizontally, as straight as possible. Fold the foil in half, cover the wick and place in the freezer for a few minutes. The waxed wick is inserted into the metal staple from the base and passed through the hole on the other side.

Melting and coloring:
Add the pigments to the melted wax and mix until the color is completely dispersed. Move away from heat source. Take a portion of the melted wax with a teaspoon and place it at the base of the container, over which, quickly, place the stapled part of the wick. The staple wick must remain stable in the container before pouring the candle.

In the melted wax - which preferably has a temperature between 60-68°C - add the ingredients of phase B and mix well, quickly.

The composition is poured into the dedicated container and left on a flat surface until solidified.
Tip: to prevent the wick from moving from the middle of the container, use a straw cut lengthwise (see second picture above)

The candle thus prepared can be used 48 hours after preparation. Details on the particularities of candle making can be found here.
You can find images that can help you to more easily understand the process of preparing the recipe.


Options and explanations:

  • you can work with other essential oils or fragrance oils, it is important that they have a flash point higher than 65°C, details can be found in the soy wax product sheet
  • other mineral pigments, vegetable dyes or dyes dispersible in oily compositions may be used for coloring
  • as a container you can reuse one you have at home, or you can use a glass cosmetic jar with a wide neck
  • to prepare a larger or smaller volume, change the quantities given in the recipe proportionally



  • Difficulty: beginner/advanced/experienced
  • Utensils: precision scale, heat-resistant glass, teaspoon, optional: thermometer
  • Recommended container: candle container or a 30 ml glass jar with a wide neck
  • Shelf-life: 12 months


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