Cleansing bar, sensitive

Cleansing bar, sensitive

Formula: CS1152

Phase Ingredients % Quantity for a 70 gr mold
A Sodium cocoyl isethionate 60 42 gr
A flat water 13 9,1 gr
A glycerin, vegetable 10 7 gr
B coconut oil 12 8,4 gr
B aromatic coconut extract 3 2,1 gr
B allantoin 2 1,4 gr

Sanitize the dedicated containers and utensils you will work with, details in the general safety guidelines.

Preparation method:
Phase A ingredients are added to a Berzelius beaker or another heat-resistant bowl (be careful, the surfactant is a powdery product, do not inhale!). Melt in a water bath for approximately 4-5 minutes. Mix slowly, thoroughly until a homogeneous paste is formed, as fine as possible.

Remove from the water bath and add the ingredients from phase B one at a time, with mixing after each. After all the ingredients are added, mix thoroughly for a short time.
The composition thus prepared is transferred as quickly as possible to the prepared mold, before solidification begins. It is pressed and compacted as well as possible; having gloves, you can also press manually.
Leave to cool and harden, on a flat surface, for at least 4 hours, after which the block is removed from the mold. It is placed on a napkin or a small grill, and after 48 hours it can be used.

The result is a hygiene product that can replace shower gel or soap, and can be used for the body hygiene of adults and children alike, being very gentle on the skin. It can also be used for normal hair washing. 

Options and explanations:

  • coconut oil can be replaced with monoi or babassu oil
  • a floral water or an herbal infusion can be used instead of flat water
  • any other aromatic extract chosen according to taste preferences can be used instead of coconut extract
  • the block can be colored with mineral pigments, a knife tip is enough


  • Difficulty: beginner/advanced/experienced
  • Utensils: precision scale, heat-resistant glass/bowl, teaspoon
  • Mold: soap mold "Flowers"
  • Shelf-life: 6 months, kept in a cool, dry place, away from light
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