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    Size :  25 ml  100 ml 

    AHAs improves moisturization while simultaneously increasing the production of collagen and glycosaminoglycan, as well as reversing cutaneous atrophy, for a smooth, brighter complexion with a diminished appearance of wrinkles.

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    Size :  50 ml  1 Ltr 

    A naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acid, this product is an acidifier with moisturising and exfoliation properties. It can be used in a wide range of personal care products.

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    Size :  25 ml  250 ml 

    Natural beta-hydroxy acid known for its antimicrobial properties, useful for problem skin, enhances skin cell turnover by promoting exfoliation, smoothing effect with reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

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    Size :  50 gr 

    A fine powder form exfoliating agent rich in anthocyans, vitamin C and antioxidants, act in synergy for a powerful anti-aging effect, helps stimulate skin cells renewal.

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    Size :  100 gr 

    True lavender flowers, dried, suitable for soaps, bath salts, herbal baths, fragrant sachets, potpourri, craft projects.

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  • Size :  25 gr  500 gr 

    A natural exfoliating ingredient manufactured from olive stones, provides softness and radiance to the skin.

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  • Size :  25 gr 

    An exfoliating agent rich in anti-oxidant and tonifying substances, used to formulate facial and body cleansing products.

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  • Size :  10 gr 

    With a smell resembling violets, it is used as a base for dry shampoos, toothpowders, face masks, skin exfoliation and in perfumes as scent and fixative.

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  • Size :  50 gr 

    Spherical pearls made from castor oil, with exfoliant and skin care properties, as an alternative to environmentally harmful microplastic beads.

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