Alkanet root powder

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Alkanet root is used as a coloring agent for soaps, lip balms and various cosmetic formulations. It imparts a ruby red color to oils and shades of pink, grey, blue or purple, depending upon the amount used and the alkalinity of the formulation.

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The alkanet root is mainly used as a natural coloring agent that gives a ruby red color with a hint of violet to anhydrous cosmetics such as: lip balms, oils, ointments or lipsticks.

In soaps it will produce shades of pink, purple, bluish-gray or gray-green, depending on the amount used, the types of oil in the CP soap formula and also the alkalinity of the formulation.

Ingredients (INCI): alkanna tinctoria root extract

Applications, usage

The powder from the alkanet root can be soaked in vegetable oil, which acquires a ruby-red/burgundy color. The color will also develop depending on the original color of the oil, so if the oil used is green (olive, hemp, avocado ..) the macerate will have a different color than if a colorless or golden oil is used.
Alkanet root powder can also be used as such in soaps or other cosmetic preparations.

How to prepare an oily alkanet macerate

To prepare 100 ml of macerate, use 5 g of alkanet powder and 95 g (~ 100 ml) of vegetable oil of your choice, obtaining a 5% maceration. The concentration of the macerate can be increased, generally up to 10% is enough to get an intense color.
Add the alkanet root powder and the chosen vegetable oil to a jar with a lid. Mix well and let it soak for at least 48 hours (some sources recommend 7 days), stirring several times a day.
At the end of the period, pour the oil through a filter or a dense sieve.
The resulting oil can be included in soap recipes or as an ingredient for creams, body butters, ointments, lipsticks, lip balms etc.

When using in soaps it is advisable to perform tests on small quantities, to determine the required concentration and the optimal composition, in order to obtain the desired final color.
Note: the color of CP soaps may change over time, as the alkanet coloring agents are sensitive to changes of pH levels.

Storage: in a cool, dry place, protected from light

Cautions: do not inhale, do not ingest; cosmetic use





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Alkanet root powder

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